Like a child

Monday I went outside to go running and my jogging stroller had a flat tire. I turned around and almost went inside when my little prince saw his little car he likes to ride in. So instead we went on a two mile walk and I did a “playground” workout.


I did 30 tricep dips, 100 lunges and 100 side squats. It is Wednesday and I am still VERY sore on my quads. Wowza. I think I will be switching up my workout routine more because apparently I need it!

Anyways, while walking to the park we had several vehicles drive by. Each time, little prince, would do this…

IMG_2017Cutest thing ever right? Why are children unbiased in who they are kind to? Why are they so much more christlike than us?


The track I walk on sometimes is right by the elementary school. While jogging or walking recess is often going on at the school. I ALWAYS hear children shout at the top of their lungs, “HIII!!” “HELLOO!” And Lincoln and I kindly wave. I want to be more like them.

Happy Thursday!

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