Low Calorie Lunch

Hey friends, today’s post is about creating a low calorie lunch that will keep you full till dinner time. If you are like me, you don’t get a lot of time to prepare lunch. Nor do I want to spend a lot of time on each meal every day. But for some reason, if my food doesn’t taste great, I don’t feel satisfied. Basically, I don’t stop eating until my taste buds are happy too. To please my taste buds and to keep my calories low I try to go for three parts to every meal.

1) Protein: Whether that is quickly opening a can of tuna to throwing a tilapia filet on the stove, I make sure I get protein. Not only will protein help to keep you full longer, but protein contains the building blocks of our bodies. Your body needs protein to rebuild damaged or old tissue.

2) Vegetables: Ideally this is green or leafy most days. I sometimes reheat a vegetable from the evening before like green beans or carrots. Or I cook up some  fresh zucchini or yellow squash. Other times I will simply cut up a cucumber, cauliflower or whatever else I have on hand. Just make sure you get a vegetable on your plate. I have noticed that I eat smaller portions and stay fuller longer when I am eating vegetables with every meal. Besides being loaded with vitamins and minerals, even the highest calorie vegetables are still a fraction of the number of calories found in other foods. Vegetables fill us up while helping us to maintain a healthy weight!

3) A complex Carbohydrate: Complex carbs are found in whole grains and vegetables. They provide your body with fuel and needed energy. This is my favorite part of every meal. Carbohydrates are not bad. Eating anything out of moderation is bad.

If I am still hungry after eating a meal with these three parts, I go for a clementine, strawberries over fat free greek yogurt, apples with some peanut butter, or just a banana. Fruits are a great way to top of meals that leave you wanting more. Fruits can help curb your desire for sugar while still giving you lots of nutrients.

Here is an example of a typical lunch with these three parts. Tilapia, cooked carrots, and homemade Mexican sticky brown rice. I will share the recipe for the Mexican rice in an upcoming post. Good luck on making healthy lunches at your house!

tilapia lunch

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