This last week Caleb and I stayed at his sisters house and tended their children. Going from 1 to 4 children that fast was sure enlightening. I think my sister-in-law is a super hero and I love her kids even more. Her house is surrounded by fields and Lincoln loved exploring outside with his cousins. He also enjoyed telling them to push him in the tractor, to turn on the fan, and to drag him around on the house on a blanket.

play time

If you have been following my other blog, I have been trying to share my weightless journey. Due to not having a computer until just recently, I have not been able to blog very much. I will resume sharing how it all is going. To update you, I have lost 7 pounds since Christmas. The last month Ive stayed about the same. I have learned that my eating habits are closely tied with my emotions. I had  to deal with a few heartbreaking things this last month and it made eating good and exercising very difficult. I go into survival mode and don’t want to worry about watching what I eat. Luckily, I didn’t gain any weight, but today I am starting to track my calories again. I gave myself a pep talk and I am ready to lose the last 10 pounds! I found this old picture of myself last night and I almost cried.

paige hiking

I miss that body. I know it is still here. It is amazing and has been through a lot (creating a child namely) and it can do hard things. What makes me sad is how I have treated it the last couple of years. I am resolved to always take care of this gift God has given me. I want to exercise to keep it strong, feed it foods that will help it maintain its proper functions, and give it adequate rest. Being a full time student and pregnant, I just thought I would be healthy when I graduated and within a month or so the weight would come off. Don’t ever lie to yourself and tell yourself it will be easier tomorrow. I love the quote, “Don’t put off twice tomorrow what you didn’t do once today!”

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