Sweet surprise and weighing ourselves

After finishing my blog post yesterday, I weighed myself and I have in fact still lost weight this month. Only 2 pounds, but 2 pounds is 7000 calories. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

7,000 Calories =

  • Running approximately 70 miles
  • 53 1/2 of my chocolate chip cookies
  • burning or consuming 233.33 calories LESS a day than my body burned.

  Does that surprise you? Have you ever been disappointed because you only lost “a couple pounds”? Once you realize how difficult it is to lose one pound I hope you can be proud of yourself.

Also, lets talk about weighing ourselves for a minute. How often should someone who is trying to lose weight weigh him/herself? I don’t think there is one right answer for everyone. You should find what motivates you and works for you, but there is one rule I have about weighing myself. I do it at the SAME time every day and without clothes on. I have found this is the best way to learn about how your body fluctuates with water weight and gives me the most accurate idea of how much true weight I have lost. You don’t have to do it in the morning or without clothes, but I suggest picking the same time and wearing the same clothes for each time you weigh yourself. Secondly, the number on the scale should not have power over you. If you find that it ruins your mood, dampens your motivation, or upsets you in any way, PLEASE take a week or two off weighing yourself. Track your calories. Still try to stay motivated. But just give yourself a break from the scale.

Sometimes I would be doing so well with my eating and exercising and I would get on the scale and it would be up a couple pounds. I would be so upset and discouraged that I would eat terrible all day and tell myself, “Well if i don’t lose weight being good, why should I try?” (VERY BAD ATTITUDE THAT ONLY HOLDS YOU BACK) Eventually I learned that several things can cause your body to suddenly gain a couple pounds. Testosterone is increased in women just before the beginning of their menstrual cycle. (Which can increase acne too) Testosterone causes the kidney’s to retain salt and thus water (water follows salt). These hormonal changes cause water retention that fluctuate all month long. Eating more carbohydrates one day can cause water retention. Being dehydrated… etc. There are a lot of reasons why the number on the scale can be deceiving. So be patient. This is what my weight loss has looked like over the past year.


Be patient. Don’t get discouraged or give up.



This last week Caleb and I stayed at his sisters house and tended their children. Going from 1 to 4 children that fast was sure enlightening. I think my sister-in-law is a super hero and I love her kids even more. Her house is surrounded by fields and Lincoln loved exploring outside with his cousins. He also enjoyed telling them to push him in the tractor, to turn on the fan, and to drag him around on the house on a blanket.

play time

If you have been following my other blog, I have been trying to share my weightless journey. Due to not having a computer until just recently, I have not been able to blog very much. I will resume sharing how it all is going. To update you, I have lost 7 pounds since Christmas. The last month Ive stayed about the same. I have learned that my eating habits are closely tied with my emotions. I had  to deal with a few heartbreaking things this last month and it made eating good and exercising very difficult. I go into survival mode and don’t want to worry about watching what I eat. Luckily, I didn’t gain any weight, but today I am starting to track my calories again. I gave myself a pep talk and I am ready to lose the last 10 pounds! I found this old picture of myself last night and I almost cried.

paige hiking

I miss that body. I know it is still here. It is amazing and has been through a lot (creating a child namely) and it can do hard things. What makes me sad is how I have treated it the last couple of years. I am resolved to always take care of this gift God has given me. I want to exercise to keep it strong, feed it foods that will help it maintain its proper functions, and give it adequate rest. Being a full time student and pregnant, I just thought I would be healthy when I graduated and within a month or so the weight would come off. Don’t ever lie to yourself and tell yourself it will be easier tomorrow. I love the quote, “Don’t put off twice tomorrow what you didn’t do once today!”

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup


Yesterday I had a busy day going to appointments and having a sick little boy. Chicken noodle soup sounded SO good. So I threw the chicken in the crock pot first thing in the morning. Then before my appt. that afternoon I added all the vegetables, water, and seasoning and went off to my appointment. When I got home I threw together the homemade noodles (because homemade noodles are a necessity around here) and let those cook while Caleb and I played with Lincoln and caught up on each other’s day. I got the recipe for the homemade noodles from here but I just added 3 eggs instead of 1 egg and 3 egg yokes, and for the flour I  did half whole white wheat.

Hope it’s as big of a hit at your house as it is ours!


Where we are.


Soon on we will be southerners. Soon we will be far from all that is familiar and we will be having new adventures while Sir Knight attends PA school, but for now we are here. Here physically and here in this stage of our lives. Our prince is 18 months this week. We are in North Ogden, surrounded by beautiful trails and mountain views. Sir Knight is home, and ours for the evening, by 4:30 most nights. We spend lots of time together and take many trips up the street to Grandma and grandpa Vaughan. So for now we are going to drink deeply of this place and this time we have. Like yesterday when little prince came with me on my morning run. Have a great day!